Project Outlines

These projects are:

1) The creation of a digital exhibit on original political cartoons located at the James Monroe Museum (ranging from 1880s to 1940s). (JMMPC)

Heather Thompson
Rachel Icard
Andrew Becken
Rachel Luehrs

This site will involve working with the James Monroe Museum, including Director Scott Harris and Curator Jarod Kearney to catalog the collection of political cartoons, identify a set to digitize, and create a fully researched online exhibit of those items.

2) The building of a digital archive on James Farmer (specifically, working to digitize and create an accessible set of his lectures from when he taught Civil Rights at Mary Washington). (JFDA)

Caitlin Murphy
Laura Donahue
Kelsey Matthews
Michelle Martz

This site will likely involve working with various Farmer-related resources and people on campus.  This site should work to make these lectures available online, at least to the UMW community, and would logically consider how to categorize,tag, search, transcribe, and highlight clips from those lectures.

3) Researching and presenting on the buildings on campus and the people for whom they are named. (UMWB)

Kayle Partenheimer
Samantha Warring
Kay Washechek
Cassandra Trumbetic
Cameron Carroll

This site will likely involve consulting with several people on campus who have been involved in related research, including Dr. Crawley (author of the history of UMW) and Dr. Spencer (in Historic Preservation).  This site would logically include an online exhibit with all of the buildings on campus and a scholarly history of each of them.

4) Reworking and expanding a site on state historical markers in the Fredericksburg/Stafford/Spotsylvania area. (SHM)

Sarah Eye
Lindsey Smith
Mike Powers
James Montgomery

This site might research and add more state historical markers outside of the Fredericksburg/Spotsy/Stafford area OR add other historic sites/local markers from the area OR might present the material already existing in the existing site in new or more useful ways (e.g., creating themed (virtually) tours to existing markers or creating something people could look at or read or listen to when they visit the markers) OR some combination of these.


– Fully cite all sources (images and text content) and offer an extensive and annotated bibliography for further reading.


– Consider creating an electronic linked timeline and/or other methods of accessing the information their site presents (tag clouds? keywords? infographics?).


– Check out the previous iterations of this class at and

– Be creative, bold, and ambitious in their approach to these projects.

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