Creating My Own Google Map

I studied abroad in Scotland last Spring, so I tried to create a Google Map that was my typical walk from my flat in Edinburgh to a lecture hall on the University of Edinburgh’s campus. My walk – created on Google Maps – was actually not very easy to make and frustrating. I could create and drop multiple pins down, but drawing the route that I took between my flat and class was not easy. The line would be about 4 blocks over from what I wanted, no matter where I dropped the pin. I think that the collaboration feature of the map is probably the most useful utility of creating your own Google Maps, if the lined route feature would work. I figured the map would be useful as a university walking guide, because you could take/show shortcuts that don’t follow main roads, similar to the campus of Mary Washington.

I have used Google Earth before, but I have not downloaded it to my currant laptop. As Tim was saying in class, Google Earth acts faulty on older computers. I have a 2008 Macbook that, I believe, would not be able to use Google Earth to its full potential.  I think that both Google Earth and Google Maps are extremely useful and effective tools for digital history projects, especially the collaborative feature. For my group’s project of archiving James Farmer’s Lectures, we had all collectively agreed that it is unnecessary to use Google Earth or Maps for our project.