Just Another Introduction

[insert cliche greeting here]

So, I’m Cammy, a senior History major (surprise!) and I’m in the UMW buildings group. The group projects were actually my main motivation for taking Digital History. Technology and I have a long history (pun intended) of distrust and lack of cooperation. I don’t have a Facebook page and pretty much just use my computer for Word, e-mail, research when the library falls short, and to feed my addiction to Minesweeper. In addition to my fascination with the buildings project, I figured during my last semester I just needed to suck it up and learn a thing or two about using digital media in combination with research. Who knows, I might have to use one of these new fangled computer things at a job in the future.

Our group is already making plans to meet with a Historic Preservation expert for leads on the UMW buildings. I’m currently trying to track down an official copy of the current “Master Plan” for campus renovation that is ongoing, believing that it is necessary to not only include the history of the buildings, but their fate as well.