First Blog!

Hello Everyone,

This week in class I was very excited to learn the full depth of the content we will be learning in Adventures in Digital History. For the most part I am excited because I saw this as an opportunity to learn  skill sets that would benefit me in the classroom when I become a teacher. From our discussion yesterday it was emphasized that digital history represents the growth of history into the technological world as it adapts to fit new modes of communication. Digital history will be and already is a valuble tool in the classroom for graduate, undergraduate, and secondary education.

What I took away from our discussion of digital history yesterday was tha t there is no concrete definition of digital history. There are many attributes of technology that are applied to digital history and many more attributes will be applied to it as people think of creative ways to use preexisting and new resources. I would not say that I am technology ill-equipped, but I am not the most technologically savvy person. I am looking forward to learning how to utilize the Internet to suit the needs of history and take away skills from this class that I will be able to use in my own endeavors.

For a little about myself I am a senior and also working on my 485 project about the development of Eleanor of Aquitaine’s power during the twelfth century so keep an eye out for that in the spring. I recently transferred to Mary Washington  from the University of South Carolina because I was looking for a smaller school. I love to run and coach field hockey and lacrosse in my free time. I am also a closet WWE fan. It’s one of the best soap operas on television. I look forward to getting ot know everyone this year and sharing out adventures in digital history.